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A Sacred Model of Birth

At the Midwifery and Birth Conference 2014 in Cape Town my topic for my presentation was “The Balance Between the Medical and Midwifery Model of Birth”. Contemplating this topic – I realised the vastness, politics and definitions of it. 

Every pregnant lady deserves to be spoilt and made to feel beautiful and amazing!
Every pregnant lady deserves to be spoilt and made to feel beautiful and amazing!

Below is my talk in text and audible on the video presentation. Please sit back, have a listen and consider the proposal of a Sacred Model of Birth. 

After my presentation, a lovely midwife, who honours birth space very wonderfully, approached me and asked a question, “That is very nice and I agree – but HOW do you do that in certain circumstances?”

After some consideration – here is my answer:- That a sacred model of birth lies not only in the practical considerations, but is mostly lying in our inner PRECENSE that we are holding at each moment. It does not depend on the birth outcome, nor the procedure we are doing, or not doing  – inherently it is lying with our inner attitude and precense – that can give itself to honouring each moment for that lady giving birth. Therefore we continue to act responsibly and safely BuT with a difference of grace, of awareness, of consciousness and being – that lends itself to keeping Birth Sacred. 

I do feel that the lurking doubt of HOW to do this is using an element of fear to hide behind and I invite careful consideration and reflection upon this. Fear is present where Love needs to be and it wears a very astute disguise of logic, rationality and horror stories!

I would also like to add that I see this model as being extremely practical and universally applicable. And perhaps a Sacred Model of Birth Manual shall soon follow!

I do not propose inadequate, unprofessional approaches – I support medical and emergency skills and interventions WhEn they are appropriate and I encourage them to be done in a sensitive and respectful manner. 

I encourage your opinions, thoughts, doubts and questions – please feel free to comment and I shall reply!


My Presentation 

I am here to talk about a balance – between medical and midwifery models of birth and pregnancy care. BUT I came across great obstacles in deliberating that.

I think the “problem” is that I gave birth to my baby in my third year of medical school. I hadn’t done clinical medicine – it remained theoretical biology at that stage.

AND I had an AMAZING birth!! In that birth – I GOT IT!!

I believe a good hearty personal story helps a good talk take root – so here is mine:

It was about 10pm and I was crying at 39.5 weeks that I would be pregnant forever. When bshhhh – my water broke!! Thinking labour would probably start about 12 hours later (like the stories I’d heard), I smsed my midwife and went back to “sleep”…and I lay in bed sleeping between contractions with my beloved next to me, in complete denial that I was in labour!

THIS IS A KEY POINT!!! Remember the key points! (Denial of labour)

And then when I woke up suddenly shaking uncontrollably with each contraction and needing to DO SOMETHING NOW! – was the same time that my midwife called ME to find out how I was – and to come through.

ANOTHER KEY POINT!!! (The feeling to DO something)

By the time my midwife came my baby was just short of crowning and feeling the full intensity of each painful contraction with descent of my baby – and she centred me, grounded and focused me and assisted my husband to physically support me …So – Lochan was born!

I got a few stitches and then snuggled into bed with him for the next few days.

And this bought forth my major obstacle in discussing a balance between a medical and midwifery model of birth.

Because BIRTH IS NOT A Medical Event.

And Birth happens whether the midwife is there or not.

BIRTH IS BETWEEN The Mother and Her Baby.

It IS a matter of Heart.

I really tried – I did several rotations in Obstetrics during medical school, internship and community service in diverse hospitals, MOU’s, saw private mothers, assisted private midwives, homebirths, spoke to many mothers, seen mothers die, seen babies die, seen babies almost die, mothers almost die, labours go bad quickly, labours go bad slowly, caeserian sections turn bad, life-saving procedures – work and not work.

The underlying incentives, attitudes, practices – people want to call models – lack humanity, individuality and truth.

It always comes back to this for me – there is an unacknowledged truth about birth – it works and it empowers.

What model supports that as its core?

The medical paradigm – whether it be doctor or midwives looks through the glasses of fear. Fear of risk of morbidity and mortality and fear or litigation. Protocols and decisions are born from this arena. Which makes them feel very safe as they revolve through the doors of statistics and research reviews. But in a case when you have to do 1100 procedures to prevent one risk, we need to take into account any risk that the procedure may have in turn AND its affect on this women’s future. But we are not speaking about women. We are speaking about numbers. And this is valid and reasonable when working in a busy practice or a busy hospital with high numbers and high morbidities – which you need to “manage”. Or is it?

And a midwife model is typically where the pregnant woman and her midwife have an open, trusting relationship based on mutuality, open information, shared decision making, knowing the pregnant mother deeply as well as her fears and hopes and character.

Still in our reality the midwife model that does exist is still under a banner of the medical model. “My hands are tied…” I have heard them say. They are tied up in a medical model. The medical model holds the power.


Sitting here in your lanyard description as a “midwife, doula, doctor, mother” – cast it off and hear with your heart.

I wish to propose a Sacred Model of Birth.

What if I had to tell you that your work with mothers at this precious time of pregnancy and birth – has the potential to change the innermost face, integrity and empathy of our society?

What if I had to tell you that the emotional, spiritual and physical womb time is the most important time of impact and potential to not only form and grow empathic, secure and confident children but in turn to change society for the good?

The time in the womb – the physical environment, nutritional status, emotional and mental status, stress exposure and connecting with your mother at this time – is profoundly deeply interconnected with your innermost character, insecurities, fears, responses. It shapes how you perceive the world – as a safe and loving place or a place of animosity and danger. Do you greet the world with arms of love or with weapons of protection?

Just imagine this potential? How much intersociety, interpersonal never mind intrapersonal! corruption, crime, psychiatric disorders, basic unhappiness can be prevented at this level?

Consider now – how YOU can support THIS for each of your pregnant clients?

Does this then not become the most important question in pregnancy care? What is your role in assisting your pregnant client to feel SUPPORTED? AMAZING? Like she is part of a huge miracle growing inside her? And she can trust her body to continue?

Can you do that? Or is there some fear-based doubt holding you back?

Now – just for a moment – take off your lanyard. Take off your designated hat. And sit quietly and comfortably. Close your eyes if you like. And place your hand on your heart area. And remember why you are doing the work you are doing? What love, compulsion, pull led you to do this work which is really a calling?

And just allow yourself on every level to remember that feeling. Allow it to soak over you. Feel it in each cell. Listen to it. Taste it. Embrace its colour.

Does it still lead you? Is it based in fear or love?

Let it enter your heart again so it can always be with you as it always is.

Remember this contract you have. An inner work contract. When you are consulting with each mother pregnant or in labour. And act with this responsibility as importantly as the responsibility for safe risk prevention, control and practices.

Now Before you allow your mind to indulge you – I will assist:

WHAT IF! “But so many things can go wrong! What if…..”

The horror stories come bounding in….from the mouths of all you meet (it feels like) – mothers, doctors and midwives. There may be So many costumes, statistics and dramas to convince you to join their plight of Fear Installation.

I am not going to dwell on all the specific “what if’s” and fear-based research. It is glaringly obvious and logical that the medical part of birth and pregnancy is to be there to care for, correct, treat, manage the big what If’s.

It is not to stand by and project the “what if’s” before they have any sign of occurring and interfere to co-ordinate a whole new “what if” picture. There are far better and mother centred ways to prevent risk damage.

It is not to have a whole lot of inflexible protocols that can possibly act to protect the gynae from law suits. Because this does not put the individual mother in the centre and treat her as a unique individual having a baby. As each pregnant patient indeed is. One of the best ways to avoid being sued is to have a really good honest and intergrity based relationship with your client and act soundly with rationale.

The medical place is just that – medical. And until something is medical in a pregnancy and birth the medical place is to be on standby AND support the midwifery model of care.

On that note the midwifery role is to have the skills and education to pick up any risks, prevent any from arising and communicate with the medical. This needs to be balanced in a skilful way from – as quoted in the Journal of Perinatal Education – 2005 A Midwifery Model of Care for Childbearing Mothers At High Risk: Genuine Care in Caring For The Genuine.

– “allowing mutuality, trust, ongoing dialogue, enduring presence, and shared responsibility while holding the skills of theoretical, practical, intuitive, and reflective knowledge with a special responsibility to balance the natural and medical perspectives in the care of childbearing women at high risk, especially by promoting the woman’s inborn capacity to be a mother and to give birth in a natural manner.” 

That is all based on how the birth services in our public setting operate. I want to go even deeper than that to understand from what level of ourselves we are coming to a pregnant client and birth and how important that is.

What does a WOMAN NEED IN HER PREGNANCY AND HER BIRTH? (whether you are acting under medical or midwifery)

Mid-wife. With Woman.

  • Yes – the physical checks to exclude pathology, risks and abnormals.
  • While supporting and educating the healthy and nourishing physical needs to keep healthy and risk-free
  • She needs to come out of her consultation (with her doctor or midwife) feeling TERRIFIC! COURAGEOUS! HOPEFUL!
  • And she needs to connect with her baby.

That may sound a little – “yeh, well that is very nice BUT…..” “I saw a woman who was fine and then suddenly developed….” “I had a lady transferred in labour and then…” “I know a lady who suddenly became….” “

But it comes down again and again – to the relationship between caregiver and client. From the beginning if you are able to spend the time getting to know your client – her fears, history, family history, stressors, concerns, character as well as her BP and her urine – the insight you will gain to really journey with her in her pregnancy and birth will serve not only to a healthy and largely risk-prevention birth BUT a deep connection and inner journey for the mother and baby.

I am not being naiive – I have seen the horror stories. And I remain absolutely convinced that the relationship and care for the whole person – in a sacred honouring of the process of pregnancy and birth – is the main stay to a healthy AND satisfying outcome, setting the foundation for years to come!.

Where in these models do we find the place where we can practice TRUST. LOVE. HONOUR. For the process of pregnancy and birth?

If we bring these into our practice –

and allow a woman to – sleep in her comfort zone – in denial (key point) during labour – we allow the body to do its thing. What are we tending to do at this time that could interfere with labour?

What do we do when the pregnant mother “Sits up and wants to (needs to) DO SomETHING! Do we say “yes! Her comes transition…lets move with it…or blow through it…” No – too often I have heard – “Sit Still. Stop being so unco-operative. We can’t get a good tracing. Ok, lets put a catheter in then you don’t have to go to the toilet.”

What else can be expected when you have 2 nurses on your floor in a busy labour ward!

When have we looked into a labouring ladies eyes and met her with love and said You are doing So beautifully! And your body is just amazing!”

Bringing the Sacred model into birth WILL save lives, save money, save caeserian rates and save staff burnout! Women will give birth to healthier babies, feel better about themselves and becoming a parent and babies will respond!

Just try it.


I would love to hear your views, comments and experiences on this topic. Please leave your comment here or email me

If you are interested in being kept up to date with sacred model of birth teaching course – for birth workers, health practitioners and interested mothers – pop me a mail.

Why Parenting Matters…in a nutshell!

baby Jalangi hand

Why Parenting Matters?


It may sound obvious that parenting does matter, but the gravity, magnitude and vastness of this statement continues to impact me. By understanding HOW parenting affects the growing and developing mind, body, soul, character, strengths and nature of our little ones – we can make informed, clear, parenting choices for each ones benefit. 

The following is based on a workshop. These are the basic skeletal points. Each section deserves a seminar in itself! But it creates a clear and methodical way of imbibing why parenting matters – from a few different angles.

I would also like to say that I am not writing as an “expert” in parenting. I write this because I am so passionate and eager to find out parenting ways that make sense in terms of consciousness and integrity regarding authentic, and wholesome outcomes.

Parenting starts at pregnancyjust embryo

I divide this statement into three:-

  1. the effect on the developing physical body of the baby within our physical environment (our body).

  2. The role and affect of our emotional state on the developing baby

  3. Our relationship and connection with our baby

Physical Body

Actually parenting starts before pregnancy. This is because the nutritional and health state of our body is most important pre-conception! This is the time that most influences our pregnancy health and body – in terms of growing healthy babies. This was found during the Dutch Famine – studying outcomes of healthy babies who were conceived before the famine and the mothers were pregnant during the famine compared to mothers who conceived during the famine, and were therefore all ready affected. So this means prior to conception we should be paying attention to how we are treating our bodies, eating well and becoming the best fit and nurturing environment to grow our babies! And we should of course continue this during pregnancy too.

Emotional Statein womb too

There is no barrier between our emotions and our babies. The blood can filter out some harmful nutrients, medications but there is not such filter for our negative and harmful emotions. Our babies share our emotional environment and are floating in out emotional stories.

They are reacting to emotional stresses and increased cortisol releases at this time. They are especially vulnerable to continued stressors and chronic stress. Too much cortisol has been shown to have a negative affect on brain development.

Our babies are also learning what to experience and expect as “normal” from what they are experiencing in the womb. For example when the mom is feeling fearful, unsure, unsupported and abandoned – these feelings filter down to the baby and he/she is learning what the experience of life is like. In contrast a mother who is feeling loved, supported and validated is surrounding her baby with this environmental stew that she is learning – “life is accepting and I belong”! This is forming what is “normal” for him/her.

Connecting with your babyfamily pregnant

Babies are aware and conscious in utero. The senses are developing and they are receptive to sound. Research is supporting babies recognising sounds and voices they were exposed to in the womb. Our relationship and bonding for both parents can start during pregnancy! And it should for further healthy and beneficial growing and bonding attachments.

A few tools of great importance come up at this time.

  1. Nutrition! Physical health! Starting before conception and continuing through pregnancy. Wholesome meals, valued supplements, vital lifestyle and appropriate exercise.

  2. Mothers must be SUPPORTED during this time! They should feel beautiful, amazing, loved and trusted!! They are performing the physical and emotional miracle of growing a baby! They should be supported and loved. Spoil her!!

  3. The same goes with the healthcare providers relationship with the mother. She should come out of the consultation feeling like she is doing a fantastic job of carrying her baby and have full faith in her ability to decide and control her environment around her labour and birth. She is an integral and respected part of decision making.

  4. Take a Fetal Love Break! Take a few minutes a couple of times during your day to send your baby a message. Give your baby some physical time, attention and care. Use these minutes to rest yourself and just be with your baby. Rub your tummy, put your legs up and fall in love with your baby! Even better is send your baby a message – a visual picture or a letter, sentence AND send it with an emotion. This is a profound and real way we can communicate with our babies. 

The value of understanding the evolution of parenting through the ages

I found it difficult to go into the horrific details of the various parenting practices through the ages. BUT I find the value as researched by psycho-historians and psychologists incredible and insightful and very helpful. These are the 3 main reasons why:

  1. It is incredible to consider the mindsets and attitudes towards children that enable the certain parenting behaviour at different times in history.

  2. Studying the effects of different parenting ways through the various societies in history – and following up the generations as they grew up to become a part of adult society – shows how parenting affects our adult character and views. These include general empathy, war and military involvement, political actions.

  3. The evolution of parenting and seeing how it has changed – slowly and in different ways through the ages gives incredible perspective and hope! As to how far we have come and how far yet we will go. It helps to understand our older generations sayings, advice and attitudes towards different parenting practices and why things are how they are!

The 6 evolutions of parenting include:


Infanticide Mode – Unwanted, weak, wrong sex, illegal babies were dumped, neglected, exposed or abandoned. Child mutilation was common (feet binding, finger amputation, cranial deformation, female and male circumcision). 

Abandonment Mode Children were sent off and raised by wet nurses, foundling homes, foster homes, sent off for child labour, apprenticeship, slavery and oblation. The mortality rate soared and foundling homes were over-full.Children were subjected to inhumane working hours and conditions from young ages.

Ambivalent Mode – Children grew up at home with obedience and control were priorities. Time with parents was minimal but they remained at home. The belief that children were born evil and needed to be taught to be good prevailed. The basis of learning was fear and included cruel corporal punishment. Practices include tight swaddling (to control wandering hands), child labour and sexual abuse was also common.


Intrusive Mode The concept of games and fun came in and children staying at home greatly improved the infant mortality rate as well as lowering the fertility rate! However although children were nearer they were definitely tamed with severe and cruel corporal punishment. 

Social Mode Children are valued as children with different needs, rights and expectations. They are allowed to play. But they are expected to fit into our lives – socially and according to our needs and desires. So they are trained to do so. Their emotional health is not prioritised nor understood. Breastfeeding, feeding generally, sleeping perhaps event toilet training is scheduled. This mode mostly employs corporal punishment, shaming and positive and negative manipulation.”Children should be seen AND heard BUT not taken seriously.”

Helpful Modethe mode of parenting that we aspire for. Emotionally sensitive to the child’s developmental and growing needs at certain times and responding to them with insight and patience, in this way opening deep qualities of empathy. Seeing and accepting our children for what they are and not for our projections onto them. Moulding our lives to fit our child’s needs rather than expecting them to fit into ours. Employing babywearing, co-sleeping, demand breastfeeding and positive gentle discipline and boundary setting enhances the helpful mode of parenting.

Passage of Rites at Certain Ages

Understanding the basic and normal needs and stages of a child’s emotional and mental development truly helps to understand their behaviour and how to respond to best meet these needs. It also helps to understand the detriment of not meeting them and thereby reinforcing how important and beneficial it is.

Rite to Exist lol in wrap

The basic first rite starting in the womb until about 6 months old. Needing to have needs met immediately as a baby has no evaluation of time. The importance of having a conscious healthy and connecting pregnancy, gentle birth and no separation afterwards. Importance of skin-to-skin, breastfeeding and co-sleeping. 

This is the time core beliefs are built; like “I belong” “I have the right to be here” “Life is good and safe”. Or negatively “I don’t belong” “I am alone.”

Rite to Need

This is the second stage from birth to about 18 months. Babies are extremely skin-centred and touch is a huge part of meeting their needs. It is a chance to become securely attached which has shown to improve mental health, mental security in the future. This involves both parents, and the father’s role is very significant in supporting the mother as she is meeting her babies physical needs of nourishment and touch. This can be very overwhelming and exhausting and the importance of having support for the mother is very important here.

If a child’s needs are not met here or postponed – they continue to be in the stage of need as an adult and co-dependency problems can result. In contrast by meeting these needs and increasing attachment now there is increased resistance to stress later in life.

Rite to be Supported

From about 10months to 2 years babies start to learn to master their own body and start to explore their environment. Now we need to respect their autonomy, support their development at their own space and time with healthy, firm but gentle boundaries. This is when parents may start to shame children for exploring and this is not helpful for their development. We want to support their need to explore, depend on their own strength – to be there when they need support and allow them to be vulnerable. In this way we show that vulnerability brings support and not shame.

vrindavan windRite to Freedom

A challenging time perhaps, as our 2-4 year old learns to define his own boundaries and self – often by opposition. We need to allow their right to protest without crushing their sense of self, nor humiliating them. We respond with respectful relating and allow them to follow their own natural rhythms.

Rite to Love

From the age of 3 – 7 years our children are learning to relate and express their feelings to each other as well as explore their physical genitals in often an exhibitionist manner. This time needs to be supported, respected and not shamed nor humiliated nor taken advantage of in obscure roles. By supporting this time and stage with respect and dignity we are fostering and teaching important exchanges of love and sexuality.


This is an honourous and huge task for new parents. The importance of SUPPORT cannot be underestimated. Now we are living in isolated, nuclear family systems. I encourage parents to have reliable, loving and understanding support systems in place before the birth of their baby. Support for the mother and family is very important for the family to continue meeting the demands in a healthy and nurturing way for all.

happy babyA few excellent references I used:

Parenting For A Peaceful World – Robin Grille

Lloyd de Mause – psychohistorian

Raising our Children, Raising ourselves – Naomi Aldort

The Natural Pregnancy Event 2013

Pregnancy Day Poster-01

On 28th September we held our pilot “Natural Pregnant Event”. My aim and vision was to make it a special nurturing day for pregnant moms and those interested to learn about gentle and natural ways to keep ourselves healthy during our pregnancy and birth. I know there are a lot of classes, magazines and experts out there with pregnancy information – but I wanted this to be special. I wanted moms to feel treated and special being there, I wanted information to be unbiased, non-judgemental and supportive, empowering and trusting for moms to feel faithful, proud and confident in their bodies.

I wanted to promote awareness of natural resources, natural products and natural services available to pregnant moms and babies. In line with respecting and honouring earth’s resources, avoiding unnecessary chemicals and respecting traditional, cultural practices of pregnancy and birth care.

I have been pregnant, work with pregnant moms in antenatal clinics, wards and delivery rooms and at home – I know how important support is for a pregnant mom – and I wanted to create an environment of like-minded supportive women. Out of the many tests, exams and scans pregnant moms are routinely subjected to – I feel support is as important in maintaining a healthy and happy pregnancy and preparing for a satisfying and healthy birth.

My interest and passion has evolved from my own birth experience – where I experienced for myself the power, beauty and potential BIRTH has for each women. It changed my path from holistic medicine (I was studying medicine at the time) to holistic midwifery care. Though I completed my medical studies my interest remained supporting pregnancy and birth. And now I am on the dawn of starting my own Women’s Holistic Healthcare practice – so I launched this initiative with a Natural Pregnancy Event!

My research has shown that the most important time in a person’s life is the first 9 months in the womb! – according to prenatal psychology and neurological development. This became the slogan of this day’s gathering as pregnant moms came with genuine and sincere interest in nurturing their pregnancy naturally.

Rebecca Sturgeon speaking about homeopathic remedies for pregnancy, birth and after.
Rebecca Sturgeon speaking about homeopathic remedies for pregnancy, birth and after.

More than 30 people came – pregnant, people who support pregnant women (midwives, doulas, breastfeeding consultants), parents to be, fathers and birth photographers! Ladies pregnant with their first, second and fourth babies came!

I made sure we had goodie bags packed with flyers of natural information, plenty samples, vouchers and snacks! We had a wonderful response from sponsors for this and had lovely prizes to give away too! For example – baby carriers, natural baby and pregnancy skincare products, teas, Tens pain-relief.

We started the day with pregnancy yoga with Lila yoga (Nicole Panzer). People loved it by the comments and it was a wonderful, self-connecting and relaxing way to start the day. Pregnancy yoga helps us to tune into our bodies, feel our selves and our transforming bodies with baby as well as strengthen and tone our bodies in preparation to carry a pregnancy and birth with ease. 

Prenatal Yoga at The Natural Pregnancy Event 2013
Prenatal Yoga at The Natural Pregnancy Event 2013

Rebecca Sturgeon gave a very informative talk on homeopathy – how it works, and various practical remedies very useful in pregnancy, labour and postpartum period. She shared much information that she has gathered from her experience in working with women over the last 20 years.

I discussed “Understanding our pregnant and labouring body” giving a unique insight into how to provide and support the natural progression of labour, the way hormones interact and proceed – while understanding and trusting our bodies to give birth.

natural pregnancy 2013 002
Speaking about the biological orchestra of labour.

This was followed by a dynamic and lovely belly dancing performance and workshop. Belly dancing originated as a pregnancy dance. Getting in touch with our bodies, curves and experiencing ways to move that are beneficial for a healthy pregnancy, preparing for labour and useful labour moves too!

Julia from Alive Dance studios - bellydancing!
Julia from Alive Dance studios – bellydancing!

By then everyone was ready for lunch! Radharani’s Catering served a sumptious, vegetarian nutritious and delicious lunch. And everyone was happy to relax, chat, meet other moms and eat. There was baby wearing consultants available to show, sample and practice different baby wearing techniques as well as various different carriers. La Leche League leaders were also available to chat and ask any breastfeeding advise and to familiarise for future contact once baby is born.

Carol Shaw continued with a good, informative and interesting presentation on nutrition, how to best assimilate different food sources, and valuable practical insight that left people wanting more info! This worked well with the Superfood trail mix samples (cacoa bits, goji berries, gooseberries and brazil nuts) in everyones goodie bag.

Lana Petersen has been a doula for over 10 years and has doula clients in hospitals and home. Her experience and intuitive “space-holding” and unassuming presence and care during a birth made her the perfect person to speak about “The Role of a Doula”. Doulas are ladies that support, protect and are there for moms in labour. They are trained, do not assume a role of a midwife and research supports that the presence of a doula lowers transfer, intervention and caeserian section rates.

And we ended the full day with a relaxing and centring visualisation that focused on connecting and earth bellycommunicating with our baby within as well as receiving communication from our babies – spoken gently to beautiful soft sounds. Visualisation is a powerful tool to relax and focus, identify stress and communicate with our bodies and our babies. Frequent fetal love breaks are very important and helpful in pregnancy as our babies are sentient and receive and react to our emotions in utero. Starting off to communicate and interact with our babies in utero is a wonderful way to start bonding as well as calm and surround our babies with good hormones and feelings that they get used to from then.

To make it a extra special time for moms – we had pregnancy massage available in a private room at a discount price. As well as some birth art – decorating bellies beautifully to honour our creation. Thanks to Tara for the massage and Andrea for the art!

natural pregnancy 2013 021

People’s feedback has been wonderful and positive and shows an overall successful and appreciated day by everyone. Some comments include:

Thank you for your kindness, gentleness and thoughtfulness, the readings, talks and entire day was wonderful. I learnt so much, am so happy in my pregnancy, on my journey and look forward to rather than fear the birth 😉 “

Thanks again for empowering us with knowledge and for your passion (and sharing it all).

Thank you, I loved it! Loved the venue, the food, the ambience, the music, the gentleness and the Love. It was wonderful!”

What a great way to meet, witness and connect with other pregnant women, to become more informed, and to actually connect with the little one inside me.”

All in total a wonderful workshop. I am sure everybody left empowered and care for in a beautiful circle of women. Thank you Gauri.”


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