orange pic meNurturing Our Sacred Feminine Naturally – blogposts about bringing sacred awareness into pregnancy, birth, as a mother and a woman. 

As a mother, doctor, healer and woman I write about the experiences that have deeply touched my life and formed my perspectives and healing. These come from my hectic years working in the government health system in South Africa, as well as the transformative experience of my own healing and beautiful homebirths, my raising awareness of human rights in childbirth-  to my continued experiences and exchanges my work and life keep offering. As I work in rural India assisting foreigners and locals give birth gently as well as raising my 2 sons consciously with unconditional love.

My travels through the spiritual places in India, the sacred places of my heart and the way this unfolds in my practical journey of life and love. My learning continues to interweave the wisdom of nature with the science of medicine to offer truly holistic healthcare to women.

A little more about my philosophy about women and health:

A Woman is composed of many layers – each influencing and affecting another in different ways at different times in a woman’s life cycle.

True holistic wellness and healing understand the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a woman – making up her whole.

True holistic wellness supports appropriate use of medical management as well as the role of safe natural organic treatments and therapies to support and nourish a woman’s wholeness.

Pregnancy and childbirth are a significant time in a woman’s life. It is a time when extra attention to our physical and mental health and wellbeing come to shore. It is also a profoundly sacred and special time for a woman nurturing her growing baby.

A pregnant woman needs special care – honouring the physical demands on her body as well as her emotional and mental wellbeing – to support a safe, healthy and satisfying pregnancy and birth for both her and her new baby.

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