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That Similac ad! Just cunning manipulation or what is true sisterhood?

Similac Schimilac – What really is the essence of this Motherhood?

Many people were quite moved about the similac advert on motherhood. I was genuinely intrigued by the varied responses; as well as the intensity with which some were portrayed. I initially thought it was a nice message and an important one – “the sisterhood in motherhood”. Doesn’t it just sound very nice? 

similac 2 similac still 1

Then I found out it was a formula advertisement and I still thought it was a good message. I reflected on its source and the power of ego and representation of various symbols of groups of people, the intention – the sly intelligence. And I still thought it was a good message. What surprised me were the other responses from so many other people. Why did I not agree with my brethren? (The social network with whom I so easily identified.) Was something wrong with me? Why was I not as passionately inspired by a message when I discovered it is from such a manipulative source? Since I am normally so passionate about these topics!? it really got me thinking.

And I slowly allowed the memory and the images to come back to me….I remembered that tangible oneness with all mothers that I had felt when I birthed my first child. When you feel like you are one pulse with a divine organic raw mother Godhead. When the energy pulsing through your body is the same energy shared by mothers all over the universe….crossing cultures education nationality religion and age. That feeling when the world stops and every moment is forgotten except for the amazing beautiful baby you now have in front of you that is yours! The love. The responsibility. The melting away of everything else to consume you in a most deep self-sacrificing love that you never knew possible.

And then I remembered my own mother. I found ones perspective of ones own mother changes somewhat when you become a mother yourself. I considered how I might judge her according to her mothering choices she made when she was my age managing life and young children. How I was weaned at 9 months; how I never co-slept; how I attended day creche from a young age….etc and I considered my relationship with my own mother and how I know absolutely and completely that she deeply deeply loved me and trusted me. How I deeply love her and respect her for her unconditional love to me.

Now I understand the physiology research of the neuroscience and psychology behind attachment parenting. Shew I devour the research and the articles. I love this science and I get it and I adore teaching it and practicing it because it is SO important for bonding and parenting and giving our little ones the best start! I practice and preach it passionately!!

Yet, I again reflect on the nature of the emotive responses to the similac advertisement…. and I considered humility. Now I digress from the content and focus on the mood. Humility is not a cowards quality. It is not a quality of shyness nor inferiority. Humility is a deeply divine quality….true humility gives you a power….a connectedness to faith and an attractiveness. By delivering a message with humility – ones heart can open and one can interact on a heart level. A heart exchange.

Not on the level of ego. Ego meaning we are identifying with our status or our choices or what we are known for – which are all part of the material or bodily identity.

Humility speaks to people in a way that encompasses everyone equally on a soul level. It does not judge; and it does not divide. It speaks with compassion and love.

I realised this is the message I want to bring forward. This is what came pouncing out at me as I reflected on the responses written with such passion and intensity, where I felt divided from the very group of people I most identified with: on this very same topic.

Humility is more important to me. That honouring of integrity of words and sharing that does so with love and compassion and not judgement nor ego.

How can I stand in outward judgement about the very essence of the sisterhood of motherhood in terms of the various practices a mother uses? No matter how strongly I may feel or know…to come forward in judgement is to nullify our words and intention and mute our message. So is there a trick to express passionately AND humbly?

I really must also say that I am not sitting here spouting out “Thou may not judge!” while I sit back and do so. I try not to be a hypocrite ! and I am, too, so far from perfect or even non-judgemental! But I do try. And when I do something that does not feel so good – when I feel my intention was somewhat uncool or facetious, I do reflect on that black dark feeling in my heart and consider how I can make it light again. I just keep trying. And I really feel humility is a good goal to strive for.

The sisterhood in motherhood. Why not? Why see so much more into it than simply that? Even if we know without a doubt that our choices on parenting issues are perfect and superior and right. How do we get to play that card and lose our integrity to important qualities and values we are so desperate to grow and imitate for our children?

If you haven’t seen the advert yet, here it is:

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Please feel free to leave your own ideas here.

If you would like to read more about parenting here is an interesting blog about how parenting affects our children and society!

Some more thoughts on humilty….

This photo kept being removed by facebook but it has an important message

Read more from Dr Gauri Lowe – at new site.

This photo was posted on my timeline, in a private message and I posted it on my page. It kept being removed. It was removed by other people who posted it too on their pages.

It’s not a new story but this photo carries an important message. It normalises normal birth. It normalises unassisted family welcoming a baby into the world.

We all know that if it was a picture of a mother in a sterile gown having her baby shown to her wrapped up with a clamped cord by similar sterile strangers with gloves it would not be removed. 

BUT THIS is the picture that needs to come into our heads when we consider birth. When we consider welcoming a new baby into the world, a new member of our family, a child to mother and father.


This is statistically how over 75% of women can have babies.  Yes! Babies come out of vaginas! And yes fathers and mothers can welcome their babies with love like this!!  Share in whatever way you can – this is the important message we need to get out! 


(PS – If you are interested in reading more about Sacred birth here is a wonderful talk to read or listen to… )

If you are interested in viewing this graphic but beautiful picture with honour, respect and sacredness – please find the picture here . or here 

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Stop! Enough reading about it – gonna start living it!

Some of my reflections on being Sacred – in writing or in real daily life?

I really love writing. I have so many ideas and I often lie down staring into the darkness, heartwhile breastfeeding a baby back to sleep, with a blog reeling away in my mind – with nowhere to put it down. Audio recording would disturb the silence, I have tried a notebook in the park, just really too tired to do extra late nights – and anyway they get disturbed.

Actually there are so many blogs out there now saying the same and important things about life, love and living – babies and growing. But I find writing healing for me and a gut creativity I like to do. Still I would love if my experiences and real-life stories that have impacted me and grown me – even the everyday beings and then the bigger ones too – could perhaps inspire, touch, remind someone else too about – the importance of being You or just remembering that we are so much of Being Sacred in just that……. Being.

But my life keeps me humble.

Actually the point of this blog was intended to highlight my thoughts of how much time I could spend reading articles, blogposts, status’, how much time I could spend doing and creating and producing something at the end of the day to validate my value, to have something to show for all my day’s efforts – but in truth I am finding that that is all taking away valuable time from being exquisitely present in being my truth – and standing in my sacred realm in relating and maintaining my tribelet at home. I am expressing this to take any of this illusory pressure off myself – and for the ego it pursuits – and give myself permission to honour those moments each and every moment – daily – in being so finely present in sacred gratitude with my loved ones. With really nothing much at all to show for it – well, with physical eyes that is.


I want to write and share my thoughts, my studies and my experiences with women, saints, babies and life which lead me to have deep connections and celebrations and challenges of living an authentic heart-led life.

I want to write about the beautiful and incredible women who touch me and need to be written about – including my beloved mother, who left this world over 2 years ago during my pregnancy; about the special couple who I have been so privileged to walk with as we faced a stillbirth and recovery afterwards; about the mother saint who came into our lives and left so many deep impressions that have altered my daily life profoundly – deepening my practical and philosophical understanding of what truly being a Sacred mother and woman is – and how profoundly important it is to our communities!

I read about the sisterhood of motherhood and the vaccine wars…..I spend my days watching my 2 year old grow, complain and love life; I get a snippet of my 9 years old growths and changes as he becomes older and wiser! I go through all the emotions and frustrations of being at home and not “achieving” anything – and then I remember – and then I hear bits of a webinar of conscious parenting – and I remember again!!!

I spent my government service in the hospital writing the stories of my daily interactions with life and death, patients and their loved ones – in my head – driving home on the curves of beautiful Garden Route mountains or alongside the township of Khayelitsha. So profoundly moving – such real life – too much real life everyday.

I want to write about the amazing herbs and holistic approaches to healing that I am learning more and more about ; so many of our women face challenges and dis-eases.

Then I miss medicine….oh yes! Even that emergency red trauma resuscitation! And I miss those night calls – and  then I remember how much I missed my family those nights…. I want to be more! I want to do less! I want to be

So I don’t get to write those posts, I don’t get to teach the most beautiful connecting with your baby meditation process, I don’t get to do the profound and deep sacred postpartum binding and mother healing I have also studied since – as much as I would love to.

Because … I am too busy being. Being mother, being wife, being woman, being. And at the same time trying to remember and deeply honour the spiritual purpose for all of this and connect with this at every moment. IMG_20150224_073732

So I can’t offer a regular post – though I would love to! And I don’t do much else either – because I am giving my energy and time to my growing family. Finally. It doesn’t make me better. This is just my path. But I love that feeling when you are following your heart – and it feels so right.

IMG_20150213_154447Yip – most of that means getting down and playing dirty with an incredible blessing in a body of a 2 year old!! And some deep philosophical debates and basic arguments with a strong willed 9 year old!






The first prescription for whole health

A Mountain Retreat

Cederberg Mountains, Western Cape
Cederberg Mountains, Western Cape

I think I would like to include – “Mountain Retreat Getaway” – as a prescription for all women or people for that matter. To make the decision to get away into the nature and stop or leave behind the duties, work, admin and daily routine.

The power of nature is incredibly helpful to recentre ourselves – almost giving an absolutely refreshing blank template to our lives. And inviting us to start filling it in as we would like to – with a very fresh, simplified vision. At the same time a break in the nature has the ability to make it very clear  – what are priorities are.

I think it is because inherently our rhythms and being as we are – a pulse of nature; and we tend to get very unnaturally busy beyond our natural resources and therefore we simply get over stimulated and exhausted.

Nature refocuses us, re-aligns us, refreshes us and recharges us.

A wonderful gift so accessible. I experience it every time I take the time to walk in the nature, look at a beautiful flower, dark starry night, powerful waves in the sea and being in the blog3

The power of aligning ourselves with what gives us strength, peace and calm inner satisfaction is so important. To step out of the pessaries and bustle of what we think defines us in our daily survival and activities. Thereby connecting with our inner truth and needs. Whether it be nature in the form of mountains, water, oceans, fields, space, animals, family, knitting, meditating, surfing – it is so lovely and self-investing to spend time with that intermittently as we  decide to keep us balanced, fulfilled and happy.

So here we are spending two nights in a remote mountain chalet – happily absorbing the natural elements with my son looking for fossils in the rocks and fish in the rivers – and I am moved at the abundance of perfect beauty – of its perfectly designed flowers and plants. Shyam (my baby) experiences new sights, touch and smells. And I pray to the Divine Personality behind it all – to give me the wisdom and pure intention as I start my first steps to being me as doctor, healer, mother and midwife.

I wonder, do you know what fulfills this need for you and how do you go about incorporating it into your life?

mt blog

mt blog2

What my 23 month old surprised me with today….

Today my little one really surprised me. We were going for a walk, well a ride – he rode his scooter bike and I walked/rode my bicycle. He stopped and examined the large leaves and picked one up to take with him. He stopped every time some one walked or rode pass him and waited for them to pass. He shrieked in delight at the butterflies and the “Ucks” (ducks). And then he would ride furiously again. And then he would get incredible distracted and side-tracked moment to moment. 

At one point I needed him to park his bike and put him onto his seat on my bicycle so we could go on the busy road. He didn’t want to and sat on his bike moving away up the other path. And when I asked him to come and park he would say “Nooooo” and scrunch up his nose and shake his head. 

So eventually after waiting a fair bit, I got off my bicycle and went to him. I knelt down in front of him at his height and said very gently, while looking into his eyes, that I really need him to park his bike because it is not safe to take it out on the road. And I know he really wants to ride it but we can ride when we get back. So please will he park it nicely and come on my bicycle with me.

And he turned around, took his bike with him and parked it perfectly between the other motorbikes and happily got on my bicycle. 

I had successfully averted forcing him, bribing him, just picking him up and just putting him on my bike with him crying…I was quite impressed with his level of understanding and communication. 

I realised how valuable this way of communicating is and was so grateful to have come across this! It became so evident to me that we can speak to our children with respect and understanding, without expecting them to know what and why we are thinking and to just obey, that they have will and motives and feelings too and if we acknowledge them and explain things – even from so young, it goes far further.

I mean it could have been a situation where I picked him up, pulled him off his bike, put the bike in a corner and moved on with him crying for a bit and then settling down. But it wasn’t. We were both happy and respected. 


Another thing to do with your placenta!

Sun setting on Mother Ganga.

It crossed my mind that only a “birthjunkie” would be SO excited to be invited to a sacred placenta burial ceremony, but I was! This placenta traveled all the way from Norway 8 months after its birth to be buried in a holy place!

Since my lotus birth ( ) my appreciation and respect for the placenta has grown. As well as my awe for its natural beauty and presence. It is a phenomenal, often missed, tree of life – life-sustaining organ.

So this placenta was born via an emergency caeserian and has made it all the way to Sridham Mayapur, a holy city in East India, to be buried on the banks of the River Ganges (also known as Mother Ganga).  This was to honour the placenta that had been a close maintainer of her babies life.

It was a small, casual and sweet ceremony. We found a quiet spot, dug a deep hole, close to the water and buried the placenta with the cord curled upwards, placing some flowers over it, while quietly chanting some sacred mantras. 

Buried right opposite the temple and Samadhi temple.
A deep deep hole…
The beautiful family.
Burying the placenta into the hole. 


Cord curled upwards with flowers on top of it.
Placing flowers over the placenta.
Placing flowers over the placenta.

IMG_20141114_165002 IMG_20141114_165116





Honouring our children – The yearning to be NorMal.

As I walked to my son’s classroom this afternoon I overheard a boy in his class saying “A miracle has happened! Lochan is going away for a year!”. He was being mean. I could hear it through his voice and I confirmed it later. It hurt like a dagger through my heart to hear my son spoken about in this manner. 

I knew my son is different. He has always challenged that bell curve. He has always challenged my yearning for the assurance of being normal. The mother’s questions I see so often posed “What is the normal growth for a baby? What is the normal amount of times a baby wakes at night? When is it normal for your baby to sleep through? How many poo nappies are normal? When can a child normally cut with a pair of scissors? How many words can a child normally say at this age?”

He challenged every bell curve. He forced me out of my linear and any box-like thinking that I still held. By the age of 5 he knew which types of cars had their spare wheels underneath them or in the boot. That is because we took half an hour to walk from our car to the shops…due to checking under each car for a spare tyre.

He was an expert in fish! And as many children swam on the water – he would spend as much time as he could with his face submerged – in the underwater world of the waterlife, defying gravity. He held his breath for eternity! When others learnt to swim on top he was quite happy swimming below.

And he became really good at drumming his own intricate signature beat.

Within minutes of meeting you – he would come and tell us who “Your Lord” is and the details of your diet. He is a proud vegetarian and easily and naturally challenged anyone who wasn’t. After meeting an elderly conservative lady one day, I came to get him – and found they were discussing if Jesus was vegetarian.lochan turban

He did things his way. And that was so often NOT the way that the parenting books and ‘experts’ described…especially according to their timelines and scientifically backed milestones.

Some friends offered various forms of input – even a diagnosis of Aspergers! I gracefully declined. What could that help? A label? An expensive visit to a child psychiatrist who could prescribe a dangerous drug to help my child fit that deeply entrenched socially acceptable brand called “normal”.

The best advice that I always came back to was to TRUST. To trust him and his process. And to realise he was fine! Actually he wasn’t even ABnormal. And I found that guidance always demanding a deep settling acceptance in me. A deep relief that he was ok. I was ok. And actually this was all very special. I am learning to identify my projections, my unmet needs, my parenting definitions I carry with me, my expectations based on my lack of sleep, my sensitivities, my childhood experiences, my humanness.

A dedicated and proud builder and gardener.
A dedicated and proud builder and gardener.

I am learning again and again – to see the growing child in this overwhelming world we live in. I get the most strength and alignment with a sense of truth when I see how amazing my son is! He stands in his own space and is who he is – and demands a sense of integrity from you!

He is not competitive. He has nothing to prove. In a bicycle race everyone raced past eager to win, even crying afterwards if they came second and not first…he just cycled past merrily in his own time completely engrossed in enjoying the cycle and the view.

He easily plays with younger kids, girls, he does not judge or compare! He does not retaliate if hit – he is gentle. He knows about the soul, eternity and equality. He has faith and he is honest and true.20140710_155324

He told me very convincingly the other day, when I was encouraging him to do some card games (like other boys his age love to do) – “I am just not a card or game kind of boy. I am a car kind of boy.” He knows he needs to play.

He expresses his frustration and anger immediately and does not hold it in. He likes to sleep with one of us near. He is challenging and amazing. He has a bold plan to build a house in which the whole world can live and it will go around the whole world and he can describe in detail – each floor. There will be no need to have shops nor money as people will only eat what they grow.

If he does not shoot you down with his questions about your life – he will endear you with his intensity and fascination and imagination.

And he has taught me – to TrUsT.

It turned out that boy I overheard that day was probably expressing himself in a way to protect him from the emotions of a boy leaving their class. It was probably not personal but a way he was interacting with an older boy. He had expressed the opposite in the class just before. Anyway – whatever it was – it really allowed me to dive into an appreciation of my beautiful boy!

My son is not AbNormal. I cannot even indulge myself in labelling him as different! He is as unique and special and wonderful as every other child – as your child, as our neighbour’s child, as the child in the shopping queue in front of you!

That soapbox mould we somehow want our children to conform to (the social norms and expectations around us) actually do not exist, There is no soapbox mould. I would sometimes take solice in thinking “My child is different.” Actually he isn’t! He is a child. 

And I hope I can do what will support, savour and love his awesome mind and growing body in the best way so his inner flame and passions remain true and glowing! 

The four of us!
The four of us!


With his best friend who  he gardens withn daily.
With his best friend who he gardens with daily.

My water and home and lotus birth! Part 1

This story needs to start from the beginning – and the birth of my Shyami started preconception! But I will skip the details of the longing, surrendering, false hopes, praying and negotiating and releasing that we went through before he was ready to join us.

Sridham Mayapur - Spiritual capital of the world for ISKCON devotees. On the banks of the river Ganges.
Sridham Mayapur – Spiritual capital of the world for ISKCON devotees. On the banks of the river Ganges.

I remember the time of his conception clearly. We were nearing the end of our sojourn to a holy place known for its magnaminity and mercy – a place that we went to as a family for deep nourishing and reconnecting after a tough few years of gruelling, relentless work. So Shyam spent his first weeks forming his perfect body in my womb while we made pilgrimage with our older son to the most holy places in India.

A significant and beautiful temple in the middle of nowhere filled with devotion, peacocks and a sadhus!
A significant and beautiful temple in the middle of nowhere filled with devotion, peacocks and sadhus!
Amazing altar covered in snow at the holiest place of Gomukh - the source of the Ganges river. A 14 km hike - with the last 4km in snow.
Amazing altar covered in snow at the holiest place of Gomukh – the source of the Ganges river. A 14 km hike – with the last 4km snowing

First stop after Sridham Mayapur (capital of ISKCON) was Krishna’s birthplace known as Vrindavan -deeply beautiful, ancient steeped temples and saints. And on to curvy, steep, faceless roads that hug the northern mountains of the Himalayas – as we walked in snow, journeyed on ponyback, dunked from ice surfaces to natural hot springs, ate with pilgrims, sadhus, slept in tents covered with ice, warmed ourselves at fires used to make fresh chapatis and drank chai to warm our insides. As well as bathing in crisp cool Ganges when out of the Northern colder regions – giving us fresh relief from  the heat.

A tired and hot but inredibly amazing walk...finding ancient temples in South India mountains!
A tired and hot but incredibly amazing walk…finding ancient temples in South India mountains!








On that hot walk we found an incredible natural pool - much to All of our relief!!
On that hot walk we found an wonderful natural pool – much to all of our relief!!

Starting a new job (after immense negotiation with the Department of Health – so I could be closer to home), I hid my pregnancy for a while. I soon found out that this new hospital was named the “busiest and roughest trauma unit in the Western Cape” for a reason! Night shifts, day shifts, more than 8 hours not only on your feet but running often, resuscitating, diagnosing TB, MDR TB, as well as every other emergency and trauma diagnosis you can imagine. I “slept” for an hour in my car during night shifts. As they all tell you “Well at least it is good experience.” Heartbreaking. Social medicine at its best. The results of poverty, crime, alcohol, drugs. The results of Apartheid still ripe. I lasted 2 months. And then begged and made a plan to swap departments. Still busy, tragic and hectic – but different hours and pace. And following my interest – obstetrics.

Nov, Dec 2012 (29)SAMSUNG







So aware of my growing baby within throughout all of this – I took fetal love breaks – often – either while walking from one ward to the next, sitting down for a moment here and there. It wasn’t easy. I remember doing a resuscitation at 5am after a night call, at about 33 weeks – with incredibly inept staff. Switchboard was on “lunch” (the incredulous term used when anyone is taking a break at any time of the day!?) and we could not call a red box emergency alert so other doctors could come help. If anyone knows CPR is hard work!

And finally at 37 weeks I started maternity leave. I rested, refreshed and became ready. But by 38.5 weeks I was itching and the “just waiting” was hard.

So my famlily and I decided to go camping!

Fynbos forest (9)fynbos forest (24)We stayed in a beautiful healing low fynbos forest about 1.5hours away. and a short and bumpy dirt road in! We slept in permanent tents on a bed in the forest. We had outdoor showers, camping food, incredible walks (that I lumbered along) and soaked in the rich healing and sacred wisdom of the trees in the forest.

The 1000 year old Milkwood tree!
The 1000 year old Milkwood tree
A sweet and beautiful labyrinth - a fantastic spiral to walk in your pregnancy!
A sweet and beautiful labyrinth – a fantastic spiral to walk in your pregnancy!








These profound trees are used to make healing essences – African Tree essences – just like flower essences. It is a truly healing sanctuary. We walked a labyrinth, spent time with a

The fantastic 1000 year old Milkwood tree - in a very supporting role!
The fantastic 1000 year old Milkwood tree – in a very supporting role!

1000 year old Milkwood tree!! and had the whole site to ourselves and loved it. It was just right.

A Milkwood tree , known as the Tree of Wholeness – symbolises power, groundedness and connectedness. “The energy of the milkwood tree can assist us with feeling at home in the world – it connects you with your personal power, and may remind us on a cellular level that we are all one family – each of us loved and needed and cared for.” I was happy to soak in her vibrational healing energy at this this time!

A one day camping trip expanded into 3 days as we continued to spend some time with some good friends, and swimming in the salty ocean!

And on Saturday night we came home.

Sunday morning I made homemade bread before our meeting at my home with the organisational commitee for the first Midwifery and Birth Conference in South Africa! My midwife, also on the team, did a prenatal with me before and felt it could be anytime now or even later. And after the meeting I had a fantastic lunch and went to relax and read a little.

At 13h40 my water broke. And after about 1.5 hours I was in full blown established labour. 

Continued in Part 2…



 A long version of this in combination with my my own journey to birthing work appears in the wonderful book Water Birth: Stories to Inspire and Inform by Milli Hill at .


Connecting with your Unborn Child


Every pregnant lady deserves to be spoilt and made to feel beautiful and amazing!
Every pregnant lady deserves to be spoilt and made to feel beautiful and amazing!

Pregnancy is a time of deep and wonderful transformation for a woman. A time when she may be faced with many life-changing decisions, questions and searching. A time that may evoke challenges, joys and fears. Each pregnancy is surrounded by its own unique story and each holds within it the very same common thread – of stepping into the unknown.


Although I have been through medical school, busy obstetric and antenatal wards and clinics, severely ill patients as well as serene and romantic homebirths – I remain convinced that THE MOST IMPORTANT THING we CAN do with pregnant mothers – for their health, for the health of the pregnancy, labour and birth AND for the babies health – is to become very connected, in-tune and respectful of the miraculous process that is hapenning – of the mother growing her baby. 

blessing baby



Soula acknowledges the unique journey for each individual and offers a way to connect with the baby growing in a mother’s womb. The process does this by engaging active imagination, in a relaxed state. 

We use the language of images as this is the language of consciousness and the language of the baby – being preverbal. It is a language that the baby can understand and interact with. By using this we also arm the mother with a wonderful tool to continue to use in communicating with her baby. As she can continue to give and receive gifts and messages in the form of images and symbols.

The connection with her unborn baby allows questions to be asked and answers to come. Importantly we ask “what does the baby need to feel supported by the mother?” and this can help to understand what it is that is needed for the pregnancy, the actual birth and the parenting following. Often it can give a very deep and important message to the

womb art in tree sculptor
womb art in tree sculptor

 mother of what the baby needs emotionally or the quality of the state that she needs the mother to enter.

These images and messages can be recreated, written down and engaged with during labour and birth and can act as a powerful sense of reminder, calming and centring at these times.

The connection with the baby is a very deep and special connection that occurs on a deep spiritual level. It

is a connection that cannot be created by experiencing the physicality of one’s baby during an ultrasound scan, a palpation or a doppler. Not even a 4-d ultrasound! It is a quality of connection that engages your spirituality and a very deep aspect of your baby and your own soul.

In this way it allows a powerful connection that also holds a potential for healing. A healing for the mother AND a healing for the unborn baby. This healing is the actual connection with its mother on this level. Creating for it a special space of being heard, loved and connected with. The baby in the womb is sentient, conscious and interactive. It responds and it remembers with an aspect of its brain that has not yet developed the narrative ability to tell its story – but can do so with images – and remains in its subconscious. This time in the womb is a profound time of developing, forming what it will know as its reality or learning what is “normal” to it and is exquisitely controlled by the quality of the mothers emotions and state of mind.

Connecting with your unborn child in the womb
Connecting with your unborn child in the womb

By connecting with your unborn child you are allowing a platform of such deep transformation, connecting, healing and loving that it most certainly heals the deep consciousness of your unborn child. It not only leaves you with a deep insight into the quality and nature of your baby but also leaves your baby feeling connected and acknowledged and leaves you both with an inexplicable anticipation for a wonderful reunion! for more information about the session. 


I am offering half price sessions for now (as I am a new graduate); based in Stellenbosch – can travel. or call 0832952630

A pregnant lady is so filled with beauty!
A pregnant lady is so filled with beauty!






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