It is not common for a doctor to have a homebirth….nor is it common to find a doctor who will support sacred births – at home or otherwise. This is my story of how my homebirth changed my life to become a Sacred Birth Supporter, lover, practitioner!

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birth of birthing earthlings

Pregnancy and Birth are a pivotal, sacred and profound time for mother and baby. This time should be supported and nurtured preparing for the vast journey of motherhood. It is a time when mother and baby foundations are created, continued and challenged.

Nesting an environment of love and welfare with gentle conscious self-reflection and connection supporting natural rhythms and cycles is optimal in creating a connected, healthy and safe transition to welcome your baby into your world.

Birth and motherhood hold a profound opportunity for self-empowerment and growth. The opportunity to touch and imbibe a divine aspect of Mother Nature that is pure, sacred and richly connected with Mother Earth’s depths of wisdom, nurturing and healing. Once you hold this in your being it is immovable, secure and tangible.

This is my journey to realizing and knowing this truth.

About 20 years ago I started my path into the vast…

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