A Mountain Retreat

Cederberg Mountains, Western Cape
Cederberg Mountains, Western Cape

I think I would like to include – “Mountain Retreat Getaway” – as a prescription for all women or people for that matter. To make the decision to get away into the nature and stop or leave behind the duties, work, admin and daily routine.

The power of nature is incredibly helpful to recentre ourselves – almost giving an absolutely refreshing blank template to our lives. And inviting us to start filling it in as we would like to – with a very fresh, simplified vision. At the same time a break in the nature has the ability to make it very clear  – what are priorities are.

I think it is because inherently our rhythms and being as we are – a pulse of nature; and we tend to get very unnaturally busy beyond our natural resources and therefore we simply get over stimulated and exhausted.

Nature refocuses us, re-aligns us, refreshes us and recharges us.

A wonderful gift so accessible. I experience it every time I take the time to walk in the nature, look at a beautiful flower, dark starry night, powerful waves in the sea and being in the mountains.mt blog3

The power of aligning ourselves with what gives us strength, peace and calm inner satisfaction is so important. To step out of the pessaries and bustle of what we think defines us in our daily survival and activities. Thereby connecting with our inner truth and needs. Whether it be nature in the form of mountains, water, oceans, fields, space, animals, family, knitting, meditating, surfing – it is so lovely and self-investing to spend time with that intermittently as we  decide to keep us balanced, fulfilled and happy.

So here we are spending two nights in a remote mountain chalet – happily absorbing the natural elements with my son looking for fossils in the rocks and fish in the rivers – and I am moved at the abundance of perfect beauty – of its perfectly designed flowers and plants. Shyam (my baby) experiences new sights, touch and smells. And I pray to the Divine Personality behind it all – to give me the wisdom and pure intention as I start my first steps to being me as doctor, healer, mother and midwife.

I wonder, do you know what fulfills this need for you and how do you go about incorporating it into your life?

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