And now the actual BIRTH Story!

After camping, swimming, meeting and then relaxing… body was obviously ready. At 13h40 my water broke. And after about 1.5 hours I was in established labour. I started off actively involved and just being aware of the growing twinges until I ended up rolled into a fetal position ooohhhiiingg…and aaaahhhhiiiinnngggg in my room alone. That is where my midwife found me and escorted me down to the bath, which my husband and son had set up.

My older son helping to pump up the pool!
My older son helping to pump up the pool!

My baby and I guided my whole labour. From when my water broke and I resumed resting in bed – waiting and wondering when the contractions would start. My first baby also started like this but it was night time and the contractions built slowly as we slept in bed in between (a bit in denial).

Now after delivering and witnessing many hospital deliveries as a doctor, observing and doing several homebirths, reading, learning and educating people about natural conscious gentle birth – I was waiting for my own to begin. The huge organic event that occurs ending each pregnancy – the birth of my second child that would forever from that time – change our family to 4, my 7 year old son to older brother.

There was no conscious boundary or change but the contractions had become more consuming and I was within them as they were within me.

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A long version of this in combination with my own lotus and water birth story appears in the wonderful book Water Birth: Stories to Inspire and Inform by Milli Hill at .