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“A few years ago looking at the many wonderful birth conferences happening around the world, and feeling the disharmony in our birthing world – I started dreaming of a conference in South Africa – using local talent and expertees. I realised this is totally possible and by harnessing and gathering everyone allied, involved, working with birth directly or indirectly and mothers – we could generate a wonderful wave of gentle birth consciousness and potential. So here is our second midwifery and birth conference! Bringing ALL birth people together to learn, share, hear, celebrate and mourn the potential we have to improve birth for our mothers in South Africa. By collaborating on this level – people can be touched and in turn go out to touch more. Birth is not just about delivering your baby – it is about welcoming your family!”                                          Dr Gauri Lowe

Our team working on the conference for 2014.
Our fantastic team  (Marianne, Ruth, Sarah, Lana and I) working on the conference for 2014.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to promote sharing and collaboration between birth professionals and the women they serve. Our aim with the yearly conference is to provide a platform on which both birth professionals, mothers and fathers can all come together to discuss and debate relevant topics. We hope that this space will provide fertile ground to inspire and create change in the South African culture of birth – whether encouraging more individuals to become caring, compassionate Doctors and Midwives, to helping find solutions to the deep crises in government maternity care, or to help mothers and fathers find their voice in decisions made at the highest levels.

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