Thank you everyone who came and supported the Natural Baby Fair! It was a most wonderful day that flew by. I only wish I had had more of a chance to speak to more of the wonderful parents who came! And the interesting and colourful stallholders that helped to create and hold such a loving and warm environment.

Standing back and looking at the photos we can see the loving exchanges, meeting and greeting old and new friends. Mothers helping, meeting and supporting mothers in our shared journey of parenting. Wearing our babies, playing with our children, breastfeeding, laughing, chasing…it was actually really lovely thinking back to these details. It was lovely for me to see babies I had last connected with – in the womb, at birth or when they were so much smaller.

We had wonderful stalls that all supported gentle parenting. Fantastic and generous prizes and samples! And our workshops were also well attended.

The pictures speak for themselves…



A sweet baby girl and a gorgrous mom won a wonderful hamper!
A sweet baby girl and a gorgrous mom won a wonderful hamper!

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