The other day as I delved beneath the fresh and crisp Indian sea water – my body licked and caressed by the velvet embrace of the vital, dynamic, full and powerful salt ocean – I felt that every pregnant women should have this experience! 

My body felt loved! 




Full of life! 


I felt amazing!

I felt natural and pure! 

I felt crisp and full of wonder!

I swam through the sea.

If every women could feel THIS way while their amazing and exquisite body is nurturing their baby – these happy, proud, loved and lovely feelings will enter each of her cells!

Her feeling AMAZING…will enter her bodies intelligence. Her body will respond with health and vitality and her unborn baby will be surrounded by the loved and honouring of each cell that is feeding and carrying her or him!

THIS is one of the most important things to keep in your hearts daily during your pregnancy! 

And everyday!

Because our bodies respond to the talk we give it.